More Teens Charged As v.g. Joy-Ride Sprees Continue


Wednesday, August 12 – Virgin Gorda Police have charged another five teenagers in connection to the use of rental vehicles for joy-rides on Virgin Gorda within the last two weeks.
Lead investigator Acting Sergeant Quacey Cooper says vehicles were illegally removed from different ports left by various car rental agencies. The rentals were stolen and later found abandoned, some damaged, at locations at the island.
Ag. Sergeant Cooper is seeking the intervention of parents as well as rental agencies to reduce these incidents.
“We are concerned about the level of parental supervision of these young people who are illegally entering these unattended rental vehicles with keys in the ignition at ports of entry and using them as toys particularly in the evening. Both parents and rental agencies will have to make the necessary changes in supervision and operations in order to avert more of these types of incidents.
The five teenagers, ranging in age from 14 to 17, were all charged with either taking a conveyance or using a conveyance without authority.
Ten other Virgin Gorda teenagers had been charged in June for similar incidents.