More ICT Initiatives For Our Schools: Minister Says


A technology fueled education sector is still the vision of Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn who announced that the Ministry is pushing forward with the digital textbooks that were launched last November. Additionally, the Minister said that other ICT initiatives will be pushed forward.

In a statement on the recovery plans for the Education Ministry Hon. Walwyn announced that funds have been allocated to continue the Ministry’s quest to fully integrate technology into the teaching and learning process. “These funds will be used to ensure that we have improved internet access, digital textbooks for the incoming Grade 7 students, replace Smart Boards that were destroyed during the hurricane and improve computer labs that were destroyed,” Hon. Walwyn said.

The Minister also pointed out that following the destruction of education sector infrastructure in the Territory, a new model for schools in the Virgin Islands is being developed, of which ICT and green technology are a part.

Last November the Ministry of Education and Culture launched and distributed the Territory’s new Digital Textbooks for Students in Grades seven and eight. The new digital textbooks are part of the Ministry’s push for ICT in the classrooms and is expected to augment both the teaching and learning process. It was explained that the new digital tools will be used in lieu of traditional textbooks, and will present a multisensory approach to the traditional way in which information is presented to students.

Students use their digital text books for subjects such as Mathematics, English, Spanish, Science, Physical Education and Social Studies. Each of the subject areas will also be accompanied by features such as interactive activities, videos, virtual labs, and quizzes.