More Focus On Youth Problems Needed


During her appearance on the 25 November edition of the JTV Spotlight Programme, Coordinator of the National Aids Programme (NAP), Noelene Clarke called for an inter-agency partnership to address issues affecting the Territory’s youths.

The NAP Coordinator said that such a collaboration is needed because some youths are reluctant to seek help. “Society needs to come together like before and work together at not just addressing youth issues, but also adult issues because a lot of our young people are feeling so in despair because of what they see going on among the adults in their lives,” she said.

Mrs. Clarke stated that some young people feel burdened: “There is no good role model really, who do I go to if I have a problem, who can speak to me in a way that I can understand and I can relate to. Where do I go if I really need help?”

In stressing the timeliness and urgency, Mrs Clarke said: “We do have a high percentage of young people on drugs being admitted to the Sandy Lane Center,”