More Focus on Education for Prison Inmates: Hon Walwyn


Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn announced that rehabilitation is a big priority of the Government and he disclosed that education is one of the tools that is being used to meet that goal.

At the 29 August closing ceremony of the Partnership for Peace Program at Her Majesty’s Prison, Hon. Walwyn told prison officials and inmates that a number of educational initiatives will be offered to enable inmates to contribute to society upon their release.

The Minister told the inmates to strive to get back into society to make their contribution, and to bear in mind that they can make it in the BVI: “This country is one of those countries where we are very blessed. I say anybody who wants to make it here in the Virgin Islands can make it in the Virgin Islands; you do not mind the noise. Anybody who really wants to make something of themselves they can do it right here in the Virgin Islands.”

In elaborating about the various educational plans, Hon. Walwyn said: “We should be getting very soon a teacher here to get the educational component of the rehabilitation program going. We want to attach that teacher to the alternative secondary program and we want to assign him there for a particular reason; we want to make sure that whatever lessons are taught in the prison, when they come out they can go to the alternative secondary programs and so there will not be a gap between the sessions.”

The Minister stated that the education offerings for inmates will even include diploma courses: “We are very serious about what we are doing. We want… them to go on to do degree programs. So they can do them right here, so that they are be better prepared when they come out. We are doing our best to try to help you and we want you to continue to help yourselves,” Hon. Walwyn said.