“Missing Fathers” cause problems: St. George’s Rector says


The importance of fathers in families, and the need for encouragement in the home and among friends were highlighted in the Father’s Day message that was delivered by Rector of the St George’s Episcopal Anglican Church, Father Ronald Branche on 15 June.

In his message the Rector of the Church told fathers that while they have to be concerned about their children in their home and the way they are growing, they also have to be concerned about the way in which they speak to their children, because adults can at times be harsh and negative.

“These teenagers, if you are constantly hammering them about themselves, about the way they keep their room, about the friends they have and so on, I don’t know that that helps them — you have to have a creative way in doing the thing and hammering them continually will not encourage them you don’t want to discourage them,” he stated.

“We have to be careful with how we speak to one another; are we encouraging or are we discouraging people? That is significant for us in this life, how do we encourage those who have lost their way to find the way. How do you encourage those who have gone off the path to regain their balance and come back to the path? These are things that we are called to do if we say that we are daddies if we say we are fathers, we have to encourage others…Let us keep company with those who encourage, let us try and encourage others give them some encouragement on the way, give them courage, perk them up, encourage them,” he stated.

The affable Church Rector admonished fathers to be supportive and encouraging  and lamented the fact that there are some homes in the community with absent fathers: “A father has to be the encourager…God created men and women and God gave men a particular function in the home. He has to be there, too many men are missing from their homes we have to get them back in their homes; because it is that, that is causing problems in our society—-missing fathers.”

“Too many fathers are missing from our PTAs, when we have PTAs only mommies are coming, very few fathers. You have to be there. Too many fathers are missing from sports when you have sports and children taking part,” he added.