Ministry For Education To Support R.T. O’neal Memoirs Project


Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn disclosed that his Ministry has offered to assist Hon. Ralph T. O’Neal Legislator Emeritus to publish his long-awaited memoirs.

For years it was announced that the former Premier intended to pen a book – and the wait continues. However, Minister Walwyn while speaking in the House of Assembly on 24 March announced that the Ministry of Education and Culture reached out to Hon. O’Neal with an offer to help.

“I dispatched a letter three weeks ago to Hon. Ralph O’Neal offering assistance from the Government to help him to write his memoir. And he would tell me who he feels comfortable with and we’ll get that person to do that at the government’ cost. We can’t let a man like that with all that history, disappear with that history. It’s important, and so we must do all that we can,” Hon. Walwyn said.

During the 2015 Festival, Hon. O’Neal confirmed that the promised book is in the pipeline. Hon. O’Neal after stating his appreciation that he was honoured by the naming of the Village gave a brief historical overview of how the Easter festival began, and explained that more will be added in his memoir: “I will have more to talk about in the book that I hope to be published soon.”