Minister Urges Territory-wide Support for National Youth Policy


The Minister for Education and Culture, who also has responsibility for Youth Affairs has lashed out at persons in the community who are talking about their interest in the Territory’s youths, and do nothing to demonstrate the said interest.

In a statement to the media on Wednesday 18 February, Minister Walwyn said: “There is quite a bit of lip service about the value of young people in society, yet when it comes down to it, those same individuals seemingly are unwilling to do the necessary and structural work to lay the foundation for a strong, vibrant and participating youth population. A youth population that isn’t looking for hand-outs, bush cutting contracts or personal favours.”

“If we really and truthfully believe in our young people we should seek to empower them and give them the necessary tools to allow them to live fruitful and independent lives and not to be customarily used as currency every four years,” the Minister added.

Hon. Walwyn who was lauding the new and long awaited youth policy declared: “If we really and truthfully believe in the value of our young people, we would support a document that was created by those very young people, after they had much consultation with their peers and a cross-section of community stakeholders.”

“Our National Youth Policy and Strategic Framework is a document that as Minister responsible for Youth Affairs, I was proud to bring to the House of Assembly as it was the evidence of the hard work of the young people of the Virgin Islands. It provides me with a framework to further support our youth and in turn, the future development of these Virgin Islands,” Hon. Walwyn stated.