Minister Urges Responsible Use Of Internet


Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn called on educators to communicate to students the dangers of sending compromising videos and photos over social media.

During the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on 14 January Hon. Walwyn repeated the 2015 message that he shared with the youth of the Territory regarding the posting of sensitive personal information.

In his request for assistance from educators, Hon. Walwyn said that it is imperative that students learn that compromising videos and photos live after them: “Part of our responsibility in this modern era is to make sure that we also teach our students how to use the Internet responsibly.”

“We have to help our young people understand that their digital footprint will follow them throughout their lives; that sending photos and even videos might be private in one moment, but can easily become very public in an instant.  Status updates should not display aggression towards their peers, but questions about homework and updating their community about their success at school,” the Minister stated.

During last year various videos and photos of a sexual nature were circulated and Minister Walwyn announced that these are forms of cyber bullying and such behavior should not be tolerated.

In a statement issued on 14 October Hon. Walwyn said: “We have also seen in recent weeks, disturbing evidence of minors engaging in adult behaviour with adults.  While we let the full extent of the law deal with such perpetrators, I remind our community, and even our young people, that it is illegal in the Virgin Islands to be in position of, or to share, explicit images and videos of minors.”

“I personally will support the decision of law enforcement to also lay charges against individuals sharing and having within their possession explicit images and videos of any minor.  If for some reason you receive such images or videos, I strongly encourage you to immediately report the incident and surrender such evidence to the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force,” he added.