Minister Talks About Immigration Dept. Sweeping Changes


Despite the various training excercises for officers it was announced that complaints are still made about the Immigration Department and Minister for Labour and Immigration Hon. Vincent Wheatley said the matter will be looked into.

The Minister during a JTV interview on 11 April stated that reforms are being made to streamline the delivery of service at the Department of Labour. However, he said that he is aware of concerns relating to other immigration matters.

Hon. Wheatley did not venture to speak much about the complaints or matters of concerns. Instead Mr. Wheatley pledged to deal with these issues with the assistance of the Department. He mentioned that he would prefer to hear from the Immigration personnel on the matter.

 “You’ve had complaints for years, we’ve done lots of training, but the complaints still coming and they had courses and they went to workshops so we are going to step back a little bit from this whole immigration thing and get a real holistic look at Immigration,” Hon. Wheatley said.

He added, “Immigration, you know it’s a big department. I get a lot of complaints about Immigration, so I have a meeting with Immigration coming up very soon. We are going to sit down, we are going to really look at Immigration.”

Nonetheless, Hon. Wheatley explained that there is a solution that would be a balance to all stakeholders: “We are going to come up with some solid policy. We are going to upgrade the Immigration Ordinance to modernize (it). So we are making some sweeping changes in Immigration,” he said.