Minister Skelton Has High Praise For BVI Nurses


Minister for Health and Social Development, Hon. Ronnie Skelton said that he has been getting raving reviews about the nurses in the Territory, and the stellar services being offered by the caregivers at the BVI Health Services Authority.

In his announcement declaring ‘Nurses Week’ open Hon. Skelton said “I have received many reports of the great works our nurses are doing at our new Peebles Hospital; and how well they have transitioned to the new facilities and adapted to the new technologies.”

The Minister noted that persons are happy to share their great experiences with him: “Members of the community inform me almost regularly of the continuous improvement of nursing care in our health care system. And of course, my personal health care needs have given me first-hand experience and knowledge of the compassion, dedication, commitment, resilience, and professionalism of our nurses,” Hon. Skelton mentioned.

Minister Skelton also called for more support of the Territory’s nurses as he explained that the profession is a very stressful one: “While it is important to uplift and encourage our nurses, it is perhaps more important to recognize their needs as well. As we have come to realize, nursing is one of the most stressful professions, our nurses can suffer from conditions such as Compassion Fatigue, Moral Distress and Burnout. Therefore we must take better care of them,” he said.

As it relates to offering more Governmental support to the Territory’s nurses, Hon Skelton stated that the Ministry of Health and Social Development will collaborate with the BVI Health Services Authority to strengthen the existing in-house services and create others where needed to promote the health and wellness of nurses. “It has been said many times that healthy nurses make a healthy nation,” the Minister added.