Minister Says Widely Circulated Pic Of Luxury Yacht Is Fake News


Minister for Communications and Works Hon. Mark Vanterpool took to facebook on 29 December to refute claims that he has purchased a luxury yacht. The Minister’s response came as photo of a beautiful yacht with the name Mark Vanterpool written on it was circulated via social media. The photo fueled a rumor that has been quietly circulating for close to three years.

Using the same circulated photo in his post Hon. Vanterpool in an attempt to set the record clear denied owning the vessel. He said, “You know, I’ve seen this photo circulating over the past couple of days and really thought it was a joke. This is a beautiful yacht. I’d love to have it, but truth is, it is NOT mine.”

The Minister questioned the motives for the sharing of the photo with the yacht, and stated that he is not going to let such action distract him from his ministerial tasks and duties.

“So what is everybody up to? Me? As a politician and a businessman, I continue to do my part to foster the development of this Territory and create opportunities for our people to thrive,” he said.

Hon. Vanterpool ended his response by quoting the line “O mischief, thou art afoot and men have lost their reason,” from William Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tragedy of Julius Caesar’.