Minister & NDP Member Urge Completion Of Sewerage Project


Former National Democratic Party (NDP) candidate Shaina Smith is calling on the Government to finalize the sewerage project once and for all. Ms. Smith made her call during the Umoja radio program on 11 January.

The former candidate was commenting on the Territory’s recovery plan and stated that sewerage issues were in her opinion one of the areas that need to be focused on. “It is high time we get our sewerage system together. We have to get it organized. For me this is a matter of public health. I don’t like the idea of us driving through the septic water in the middle of Road Town as the capital that’s not good. I think it’s high time we really allocate the money,” she said.

The point was supported by the show’s host Edju-En-Ka who also pointed out that other areas in the Territory such as East End also needed to be considered for the continuation of the sewerage program.

Government is moving forward with the sewerage works. In fact works were carried out from 8 January to 12 January on the Treasure Isle Sewerage Project.

Aside from these recent works the Territory for years has been focused on a national sewerage program. The Road Town sewerage issues were more-or-less addressed. However, the East End/Long Look Sewerage Programme remained a lingering project.

Even Eighth District Representative and Junior Minister for Trade and Investment Promotion Hon. Marlon Penn announced in May this year that he was not pleased that the project was dragging on.  “One of the things that has been troubling to me is the issue of sewerage. I think we’re pushing that agenda to ensure that is completed so that there’s some relief to the persons in that community. That is high on the agenda for me in this term — in terms of completion,” Hon. Penn told the House of Assembly on 29 May.

In 2015 the project was stalled in the late stage of the last administration.