Minister Expects Quick 4G Implementation


Now that the spectrum has been allotted it was announced that the service providers are expected to rollout 4G services in coming months, and Minister for Communications and Works who on multiple occasions stated that he was not satisfied with the level of service currently offered in the Territory announced that he is anxiously awaiting the launch of 4G.

4G LTE is known for providing faster, and more reliable mobile broadband internet. In fact, 4G service is described to be around five times faster than existing 3G services, and Minister Vanterpool said that he is happy the Territory has arrived at this point.

“I am happy that the TRC and the operators are at a point where they are settled on the spectrum war which means that the public can very soon have better telecommunications especially high speed internet and so on in this modern day,” the Minister said.

However, Hon. Vanterpool expressed his hope that the delivery of the anticipated technology is not delayed any further: “We hope that as quickly as the award is made that the operators can quickly there after implement their systems that are needed to provide to the public and the Territory good modern day high internet speed and better communication systems, and telephones and I am very pleased for that and anxious to see that,” he said.