Minister dismisses Complaint


Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn disagrees that some members of the House of Assembly do not conduct themselves appropriately during House of Assembly sittings. He also differed with the allegation that Ministers do not answer Opposition questions when asked to.

While fielding questions at his social media – Town Hall meeting on 15 January Hon. Walwyn was asked: “Do you feel that you and the other Ministers conduct in the House of Assembly is the right way to behave? You must remember how the members’ words and actions impact our young people?”

In response the Minister told the resident to provide an example of an instance there was inappropriate conduct in the House of Assembly and noted that the situation described in the question was inaccurate. He further refuted the suggestion that Opposition questions were not being answered.

The resident did not give an example and stated instead: “By not answering questions when they are asked and being told to be quiet. I don’t like pointing fingers.”

In answering the question, the Education Minister said: “To my knowledge questions are answered in the House perhaps not always in the manner in which the Opposition would like, but if there are cases where the answers are insufficient, the Speaker will intervene.”