Metal detectors are needed at the Elmore Stoutt High School to, among other things, prevent the smuggling of weapons into the campus. In an interview with The Island Sun newspaper on Monday, Commissioner of Police David Morris confirmed that the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force has taken possession of weapons that were confiscated in the school and opined that metal detectors were warranted.

The Commissioner was also curious as to how some of the seized objects got into the school. In the interim, he explained that the Police Force has had discussions with the School’s Acting Principal, Mr. Wade Tobin.

“In terms of the weapons in school we have been speaking with Mr. Tobin of the Elmore Stoutt High School in terms of the seizures that they have had there, which we have taken possession of.  Weapons such as a machete that was smuggled into school in an umbrella, a dagger, handheld razor, as well as knives were received,” the Commissioner told this newspaper.

Meanwhile, Commissioner Morris said that Neighbourhood Police Officer, Damion Ash will be covering the school area as well as surrounding environs: “We launched the Neighbourhood Policing last month, so he is now working with the school. The issue for us as well as the head teacher is security of the school. We need to bring back metal detectors as a security measure,” the Commissioner added.

On the other hand Mr. Morris stressed that the majority of the school’s population are well-behaved students, with just a handful doing things like smuggling weapons; he explained that this small group of misbehaving students is causing problems for the entire school population.

Tobin Suggests Metal Detectors

During the 2014 Standing Finance Committee deliberations, Acting Principal of the High School Mr. Tobin stated that the school administration was having issues with security and fencing conditions, and that they were finding weapons on campus. He held the view that if metal detectors and cameras were put in place it would help to alleviate some of the issues the school was currently facing.

Tobin explaied that once a student brought a weapon to school police would be notified especially based on the type or size of weapon. He also stated that if the matter did not fall under the police ambit suspensions would be issued, and the matter would be handled internally through the school’s counselors, that parents would also be contacted and additional counseling sought if necessary

The Principal disclosed that the matter of metal detectors has been discussed, noting that there is a need for more metal detectors at the gate. However, he pointed out that it would have to be worked out as to whether the government or the security firm will bear the cost of the detectors.