Men Refusing Digital Exam Miss Early Detection of Deadly Cancer


Too many men refuse to take certain cancer tests because of pride; even though such a decision can have tragic health consequences, and this is a concern Isaac Solomon, the District Governor of Lions District 60B has. The District Governor who was speaking at a press conference at Maria’s by the Sea on 22 October when he suggested that the Lions Club assist the situation through cancer awareness campaigns.

District Governor Solomon told the media: “Too many people are dying from cancer, and especially the men. We allow some false dignity to get in the way; and we rather die than to subject ourselves to the sort of examination that we ought to save our own lives.”

Mr. Solomon said there is a clear disparity in terms of cancer awareness between the two sexes; as women are more alert to cancer issues, and have no qualms about the cancer examinations. While on the other hand, some males tend to shy away from necessary cancer examinations: “It is just ironic the women do it without fuss and it is normal; but the men find it is a big thing. Yet we are dying.”

He suggested that the Lions Club become involved as a means of addressing the issue: “I am hoping that the Lions Clubs can intervene by building the awareness around cancer, not only for cancer associated with women; but also cancer associated with men.”