Meet Our Star Students As They Model In Their Customized Christmas T-Shirts Designed By Them


The grade 3 class ,together with the principal ,Ms Tonya Phillip of Claudia Creque Educational Center would like to take this opportunity to honour Kimoyah Smith and Alexander Wheatley as being the star students.
According to Ms Candia Mc Farlane, the grade 3 teacher, the Class Dojo is a behvavioural management tool  being used for her students  in which they are rewarded with points at the end of the day for positive and or negative behaviours.

To be a star student, the student must consistently be ‘student of the week’ for at least 3 consecutive weeks, with high scores.
As a result, students are rewarded in different ways. Today they are being written about in the local news, which is one form of reward .

Kimoyah Smith and Alexander  Wheatley have been quite active in ensuring they secure the highest points each week, and they have both maintained the student of the week status for the past month and a half. That is following classroom rules, participating in all class activities, being prepared, active listening and just to name a few.

Today , we want them to feel that the journey of hard work and positive  attitude can take them beyond the Anegada Horizon. As it will also encourage other students not only to excel in competition, but to continue to exercise good leadership skills and positive behaviour  in their classes. It is said ” your attitude not your aptitude,will determine your altitude.”

Congratulations to our class Dojo Champions and also their parents. As we also would like to acknowledge the other students who keep striving.

Kimoyah Smith is the daughter of kerbin Smith and Shenelle  Vanterpool . During an interview with Kimoyah she said ” I enjoy reading.” While mathematics and science are her favourite subjects. Kimoyah is a strong believer that education is the key and would like to encourage other children to believe the same. She also believes, that it is important to obey your teachers and parents at all times. Kimoyah was overwhelmed when she learnt that her reward would be an article about her published in a local news . Her response was I feel like a queen.

Alexander Wheatley  is the son of Lawrence and Harella Wheatley, Alexander’s  favourite subject is Mathematics .Alexander enjoys playing video games during his free time. Alexandar went for ‘the jugular” to ensure he met all his classroom expectations and as a result this will be a surprise of what his reward is . I believe he has worked interminably at challenging Kimoyah and haven’t fail at winning any of his  battle. Alexander’s favourite line to his peers” teacher say stop saying you cannot and try, so try your best and you will get it.”