Measures To Better Safeguard Electricity And Communications Top The Agenda


Two of the most painful points of the post hurricane devastation are the realization that the Territory was without communication for days and without electricity for months. Therefore, BVI Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith announced that Government is planning to prevent future occurrence of situations of this nature.

The plans to prevent another extended black out and communication failure was disclosed by the BVI Leader at the United Nation’s High Level Pledging Conference in New York on Monday 21 November.

As it relates to ensuring that the Territory is not shrouded in extended darkness following another hurricane Premier Smith said that Government’s goal is to strengthen the resilience and efficiency of the Territory’s electricity grid and to transit to renewable energy.

“We are making great progress in necessary immediate restoration of power using electric poles and cables, but our medium to long-term plan is to place as many lines underground as possible and to add solar and wind power to our energy mix,” Premier Smith told the gathering.

The Minister for Finance also announced that Government was inviting partners for a partnership in the investment in the Territory’s sustainable energy system that will increase efficiency and reduce the BVI’s carbon footprint.

As it relates to communications the Premier stated that the BVI will further embrace ICT. “We have set a goal of developing world class ICT infrastructure whose resilience will also depend on critical parts of the network being placed underground,” Dr. Smith told the gathering in New York.

As part of its ICT push Hon. Smith said that the plan is to establish reliable connectivity across the islands and with the outside world that will remain intact during and after storms so our businesses, government and educational institutions can continue to function.

He also mentioned that the Government welcomes partnerships in this sector as well.