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Mcmaster Sister Becomes 1St Victrix Siblings As Flemming Adds Another Title


By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway 

While Flemming House was adding to its trophy case in the 48th Elmore Stoutt High School inter house athletics championships, Lettsome House sisters A’Sia and A’Keela McMaster, were becoming the 1st siblings of either sex, to win the top scoring award in the same competition since interhouse competition was introduced in 1957 at the Virgin Islands Secondary School that later became the BVI High School and now after Elmore Stoutt. 

DeAnna Wattley was one of three four times Victrix’s between 2000-2003 and her sister Britney, won the award in 2008. 

Flemming amassed 965 points for its 17th title, while Lettsome moved from fourth to second with a strong second day showing to overtake Carlisle, 766-743. O’Neal finished the competition with 603. 

A’sia secured the 13 and Under Girls crown with 48 points, after victories in the 100, 200 and 300m and the High Jump and a long jump second place. Her sister A’Keela claimed the 15 and Under Girls division after finishing second in the 100m won the 200 and 400m the long and high jumps. Jaleel Croal—who ended the competition with a scintillating 200m anchor leg after tripping at the start then running down his brother Jelani of Lettsome House to end the competition—repeated as Victor Ludorum with 50 points. He had 100, 200, 400 Long and High Jump victories.  

“It’s great, it feels amazing,” A’Sia said, nothing she wasn’t surprised that she and her sister we co Victrix. “Yes, I was, a little bit,” chimed in Akeela.

“I wasn’t surprised because I worked hard this season to get what I want,” A’Sia stated. “My favorite event of all was the 200m because I feel that I went through my race great.”

Of her events, A’Keela said the 400m was her favorite since she prefers that event of all. Her 5.35m Long Jump leap exceeded the Carifta Games qualifying standard of 5.25m—the exact mark hit by Aryiah Smith in the last Dag Samuels Development Series meet. Adajeah Hodge has a mark of 5.90m in the event and only two athletes can represent the territory in the event.

“I wasn’t really surprised said A’Keela who also has a Carifta Games High Jump qualifier. “My coach had me practicing and in the jumps, I was close to the Carifta qualifying mark. It’s amazing to have qualified in both events.”

Croal said he was happy to repeat but disappointed with his 10.98 seconds 100m time. “I had a very bad start and I really don’t like that but I had to deal with it,” he said noting that he was satisfied with the 21.58 seconds 200m win. “That means I’m still up there. I’m looking to be a double (Carifta Games) medalist again.”

Flemming House master Lashmi Sammy said he’s very proud of her team.

“I hope they just continue to do well in the future,” Sammy who said she’s soon retiring noted. “As soon as they come to high school, I encourage them to join a track team to know their worth. But obviously, the kudos doesn’t go to me but to the track teams and their coaches. I give it to them.”

Competition director Yasmin McMaster said they were able to produce two day of organized enjoyment of sports. 

“What stood out was the organization which was the result of the dedicated officials,” McMaster said. “We used a lot of the BVI Athletics Association officials and other community volunteers and they were able to produce a very, very organized and proper event.”

McMaster said she’d like to see the same level of organization next year and more participation from students who are not actually training.

“Maybe it will motivate some to come out join a team and come out next year in order to be competitive and to help their house sports,” she said. 

Division Champs: 13 &Under Girls. A’Sia McMaster, Lettsome, 48. Boys: Antonio Bramble, Carlisle, 48. 15 & Under Girls: A’Keela McMaster, Lettsome, 48. Boys: (tie; Jabari Pemberton, Lettsome and Tyreese James, Lettsome, 48. 17 & Under Girls: Ariyah Smith, Flemming, 48. Boys: Jelani Croal, Carlisle, 50. 18+Girls: Tashira Edwards, Carlisle, 40. Boys: Chadrick Evans, Flemming, 44. 

Victor Ludorum: Jelani Croal, Carlisle, 50. Victrix Ludorum: (tie), A’Sia McMaster, Lettsome, 48. Boys: Antonio Bramble, Carlisle, 48 and  A’Keela McMaster, Lettsome, 48.