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Mathew “Shorty” Daly’s killing shocks Football, Cricket fraternities

Footballer Matthew “Shorty” Daly played with Old Madrid since 2007 and played in their 2019 Invitational Masters Tournament

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Members of the Territory’s Football and Cricket fraternities, were sent into shocked and saddened after news broke that sportsman Matthew “Shorty” Daly, was found dead with gunshot wounds last Thursday afternoon Sept 10, on the Spring Ghut Road, around 1:30 p.m.

Daly has played with the Old Madrid Football Club since its 2007 inception and is a former manager of the Grenada Cricket Club. He played both striker and midfielder positions for Old Madrid, and last played in the club’s 8th annual Old Madrid Masters Tournament against the Combined Stars in October, 2019. He was Vice President and Public Relations Officer on the Management Council, and a member of the organizing committee for the hosting of the annual Old Madrid Masters Invitational Tournament. 

“Man, this is very, very shocking,” Old Madrid’s longtime Coach and referee Elroy “Mandraker” Mills told Island Sun Sports. “Old Madrid has a group chat and when I looked, we saw the man on the ground with his hat off his head. Everybody is in shock. This thing was done during the height of day. We know he has a little food business but I’m not sure if much is going on now.”

Mills said Daly, a striker, who was the club’s Vice President 2016-2018, hadn’t played in the 2020 BVI Football Association National League with the team because he doesn’t get a lot of playing time.

“But he has played with us in the league and scored goals for us,” Mills added. “He has been with our team for more than 10 years because we started in 2007. He also played with us when the team travels to masters tournaments.”

Ebony Andrews told Island Sun Sports that Daly was a former manager of the Grenada Cricket Club before she assumed the role. 

“He was an avid supporter and I could still count on him for anything I needed for the team,” Andrews said. “When we won, he would make the most noise and when we lost, he would cuss the most. He had a special love for cricket and all the members of the Grenada Cricket Club. He was also a past board member of the Grenada Association of the BVI in 2015. He was really involved in community activities in terms of helping others.”

Grenada Cricket Club Captain Derol Redhead, said it as a shock and surprise and the same thing his fellow players said when they got the news. 

“It’s something we have to deal with despite what happened we don’t know, but it’s really sad for the players and teams right now, his family as well. It’s just a sad day for everybody right now,” Redhead told Island Sun sports. “He was the manager of the team when we won the 2015 BVI Cricket Association League and even before that. After we got Ebony on board, he was still a main person in the club. It’s really, really sad for us right now.” Daly, was the second sportsman to be killed in the territory within nine days in Septe