Massive Victory: VIP Rewarded With 4 Districts & All 4 At-Large Seats


“Against all odds” was the central theme of the statement newly sworn-in Premier of the British Virgin Islands Hon. Andrew Fahie gave to the media immediately after his Party was declared the winner of the 25 February general elections.

Hon. Fahie who chronicled some of the challenges he and the Virgin Islands Party experienced thanked God for the victory: “The Virgin Islands Party came from nothing, I was the only elected official that was left and to come back now and have eight members especially from the At Large we have a lot to thank God for.”

In response to the question about the win the new Premier said that the Virgin Islands Party’ message of renewal resonated with the people who were clearly seeking change. “I think people were looking for a change…and it was clear that the message that we sent of not splitting or sharing your At Large vote helped.”

Hon. Fahie said that he is cognizant that the path ahead might not be a rosy one and he alluded to the nebulous matter of the Territory’s financial situation, which during the campaign season he suggested might be a major problem.

In touching on the matter of the Territory’s purse the new BVI Leader said: “We know that we are picking up a government that has left a lot of financial constraints on us, but with God’s help…”

He said that the Virgin Islands Party’s win is also a testimony that the VIP had a good plan for moving the Territory forward: “We just had a good plan and we stuck to the plan, we stuck with each other. What I like is even through rough times we dealt with it in the House and stayed the course. We want to make sure we remain laser focused, steadfast in purpose and diligent in actions.”

While he thanked the entire Territory for the victory, Hon. Fahie especially thanked his District One and the Ninth District which he said voted for the VIP At Large team: “They voted for all four. This is nothing to take away from the other Districts,” Hon. Fahie said.

The Premier further said that he believes the people’s decision reflected their endorsement of his message of restoring accountability and transparency