Many Projects Completed In District 6: Says Hon. Maduro-Caines


Hon-A-Maduro Incumbent Sixth District Representative, Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines stated that she has grown accustomed to insults from various political opponents.

During her campaign on 29 May the NDP Candidate declared: “These days I have become accustomed to the insults and insinuations by past and present opponents along with some in the District.”

In making her point Hon. Maduro-Caines recalled the previous general elections. “Remember, during the 2011 campaign, the question was asked: “Where the lady with the little bag going?” but you the people answered for me, and together we proved that little is much in the hand of someone who cares. Now, in this 2015 election, I am being referred to as the outgoing representative and ‘miss do nothing’: I don’t know about you, but I find this to be extremely presumptuous – especially coming from someone who does not live among us.”

The Sixth District incumbent representative lashed out at one of her opponents who she said announced that she has done nothing for the District.
“How could my opponent in good conscience assume that nothing was done in this community? Let the record show that I have always voted in District Six, I live in District Six and I fully represented District Six! And guess what District Six — I fully intend to remain in District Six and promise never to leave you like some do, for political gluttony.”

In setting the record straight, Hon. Maduro-Caines announced: “Let me address my opponent and those in the district, who accused me of doing little and therefore have now taken the liberty of classing me as the outgoing representative! District Six let me talk to you…and I’ll start with the fact that even before I ever thought of going into politics, I was working in my community and have given of my home, time and money to people in my District who were in need of help, so I am one politician who can say without hesitation – that it did not take politics for me to represent my community, as I have a heart for people and a desire to give in whatever way I can.”

She said that as a first time Representative she refurbished the home of a Purcell resident, and made significant strides in addressing the water woes in the area. The representative mentioned that the Water and Sewerage Department is now erecting a small building to house the pump that will push water up to the residents of Free Bottom Hill. “I have signed off on the contract to erect a retaining wall in the vicinity of Brook’s residence in Purcell, to prevent land erosion and road hazards,” she added.

“I know some folks tend to think that retaining walls are personal, but when you weigh the balance between saving lives and doing nothing then value is pale in comparison. Contracts were also signed to pave the parking lot for the burial ground in Johnson Ghut,” the incumbent stated.

She refuted claims that she did nothing during her term by stating that she completed road works in the residential area of Johnson Ghut, created a beautiful garden and placed shaded benches in the area as well. She also mentioned that shaded benches were also placed in Belle Vue and Baugher’s Bay.

In elaborating on the work she has done in her District, Hon. Maduro-Caines said: “The Minister of Communications and the Public Works Department will tell you that my District spent the most and money in contracts, as I have been pestering them to ensure that things are done in my District.”