Many BV Islanders Seeking Jobs Are Unsuccessful: Hon. Fahie


Leader of the Opposition Hon. Andrew Fahie said that he no longer wants to hear anyone saying that locals do not want to work, because that is a lie. The Opposition Leader said that he keeps hearing the rumor that Virgin Islanders are not interested in certain jobs, while he knows many persons who are searching for any job they can get.

Hon. Fahie noted that there are a few who sit idly by the street, but he noted that those few do not represent the majority that are actively seeking work with little or not success: “I don’t want to hear the Nancy story that our people don’t want to work; I don’t want to hear it. Whether it is in marine [industry]or otherwise, I don’t want to hear it.”

Speaking in the House of Assembly on 29 May Mr. Fahie said that moments before he rose to speak he was messaged about jobs:  “I have people up to this morning, up to five minutes ago through the whole Virgin Islands Whatsapping me, asking me if I know any place where they could get a job. Any place,” he said.

In noting the plight of some job seekers Hon. Fahie said that he has met persons who are qualified but still out of a job and they tell him that they are not seeking a handout from him just an assistance in finding employment: “I have few with degrees – Bachelor’s and Master’s at home sitting down saying ‘Fahie, anything is good. Fahie, my mortgage due; this is due; I don’t want a handout; I just want a job.”

Hon. Fahie, who is also the First District Representative noted that there were marine training initiatives in his District especially in the marine industry. Still, Hon. Fahie noted that his constituents were denied jobs: “They went on job interviews and they weren’t selected.”