It’s the dawn of a new era for locally owned telecommunications company CCT as it was  announced at a press conference on March 6 that the CCT will be offering better and more competitive service.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Averad Penn told the media that the CCT is coming with the real 4G. He said that that the company carried out a huge upgrade over its network in order to ensure that it provides faster data speed. “We are coming with new plans, but we are still keeping a lot of the same unlimited characteristics for the plans that we have now, but we will be coming with new and exciting options as well,” the CEO said.

Mr. Penn explained that CCT will be putting in place a prepaid system that allows customers to essentially create their own service plan: “You get to choose exactly what kind of service you want and customize and tailor it to you. We are so excited to be finally able to bring it to the public, take the wrapping off the baby and show it to the world,” he said.

The CEO also thanked the customers who stuck with the company during the trying time, and announced that as a company CCT has made some changes that customers can feel proud of: “We have a lot of die-hard CCT customers who have stuck with us through thick and thin. We have put in place new management, a new set of investment is coming to this company. We have put $10million into this company to build this network and to give you the service you deserve and you demand. We appreciate everyone who has stuck with us through the tough times and we think you are going to be really proud of what we have to offer once this new network launches.”

He mentioned that to better serve customers, the CCT store now has extended business hours, and opens from 8:30 a.m. to 6:30p.m. Monday to Saturday. Mr. Penn also announced that CCT has the best customer service in the BVI: “We have the customer care! When you are calling, you are speaking to someone who is here in the Territory, who knows where you are, who knows your community, who knows your frustrations… We plan to show the BVI a new commitment on behalf of CCT.”

Dr. Heskith Vanterpool spoke on behalf of the CCT shareholders and pointed out that CCT is 100 percent locally owned, and has around 1000 local investors. He said that upwards of $10m was invested over the last year to the most modern 4g network with an experience that should be second to none in the BVI.