Main Street To Become Pedestrian Friendly


Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool confirmed that the previously announced 2016 consultation meeting on transforming of Main Street into a pedestrian friendly urban zone is still in the pipeline.

Minister Vanterpool told reporters during a press briefing on 8 October that in early 2016 his Ministry will be seeking public opinion on the proposed plan for Main Street.
Hon. Vanterpool told the press “A lot of Main Street ties into parking. Most likely we will discontinue parking on Main Street, except from loading and offloading in certain areas.”

The Minister explained that the proposal for Main Street ties in with other plans for Road Town, specifically the reclamation property in the Crafts Alive area: “As you know, down by Crafts Alive we have just reclaimed some land, to the dock, open to temporary parking…Once we have done that, we are going to look at Main Street.”

Hon. Vanterpool previously announced the plan to improve Main Street during his 14 July contribution to the debate of the “Tourist (Duty Free Shopping System) Act, 2015.” At that time the Minister disclosed that the plan includes among other things transforming that part of Road Town into a more pedestrian friendly area.

“Madame Speaker we intend in the discussions we have had in public meetings to pay close attention over the next year or two to Main Street being developed as one of our best historical sites in the entire Territory,” he said.

As part of the development, Hon. Vanterpool said that there would be an improvement of the area’s business attractions, and accessibility especially pedestrian wise. In the end, Hon. Vanterpool said that it is hoped that Main Street would be able to attract more tourists and others to shop: “So we want to encourage the businesses on Main Street to prepare for that, as we prepare to improve Main Street,” the Minister added.