Main Street outlets do less business because of General Post Office relocation


In response to concerns that the move of the Post Office has resulted in a decline of visits to Main Street, City Manager Janice Braithwaite-Edwards disclosed that there are plans in the pipeline to create more interest in that area of Road Town. The City Manager made the announcement during the 27 May edition of the JTV Spotlight program.

The discussion about the decline in Main Street visits was mentioned by the show host Cromwell Smith who asked: “Are we ever going to move the Post Office back in that building, because we have been paying rent in two locations over the last few years. … You know that was a central point in the old Road Town. People use to come to the post office and by coming to the post office you would see the stores and you would stop in. You might do window shopping, then you might come back and make a buy, but now it’s like nothing to come down town for other than if you are coming specifically to a store or a shop.”

In recent years more people have been using island couriers for their mail to counteract the snail pace of mail to and from the BVI. The volume of post office goers appears to have  decreased irrespective of the location of the General Post Office of the BVI.

Mrs. Braithwaite-Edwards announced that there are plans for the Old Post Office/Old Administrative Complex. She said: “I think we will be moving back into the old central administrative building, but what we will (be moving) I will leave that for a surprise.”

In relation to the point raised about the decline in visitors to the area, the City Manager explained that it was noted by her office: “We have recognized that, and that’s one of the reasons why we are looking at the revitalization of the Sir Olva Georges Plaza and the old Post Office/Old Central Administration building to see if we could create that kind of foot traffic and commerce.”