Maduro urges Premier to explain the Reasons for Early Elections


Member of the United Party, Conrad Maduro has called on Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith to explain to the Territory why the decision was taken to call elections before the full completion of the National Democratic Party’s four year term.

During a radio broadcast aired on ZBVI on 13 May, Mr. Maduro announced that the Constitution is clear on the calling of an election and he said that the Premier should divulge the reasons for the early date: “Seeing that the period is set to dissolve the House of Assembly at the end of four years there must be some good reason or reasons in the best interest of the people; and not to suit any personal or selfish gain of the Premier, his Party or friends,” Mr. Maduro declared.

The United Party pioneer stated: “Therefore the Premier as a servant of the people, same as any other elected member, civil servant and paid employee within the service of Government is obliged to the general public or people of the Virgin Islands  to give such reasons or reason for his actions taken to dissolve the House of Assembly. I believe it will be in his best interest, as well as that of the general public to give his reason or reasons for such actions taken. Particularly because of the many rumors and speculations.”

He mentioned that there are rumors and speculations floating in the public in relation to the reason for the early elections date. Mr. Maduro also disclosed that: “According to record there is much corruption, or illegal acts on the part of some elected representative within our system of government. As a matter of fact it is rumored that for this very cause there is now what is referred to as a snap election; and based on this very act it is being asked and discussed by members of the public.”

“However pertaining to the dissolution of the House of Assembly…the important thing in the matter is proper representation for the people of the Virgin Islands…If the Premier and his Party, NDP, are genuine to render good service to the people, why then he choose to cut short the sitting of the House of Assembly from four years to approximately three years with the intention of asking for another four years and perhaps more. The people of the Virgin Islands need an explanation to this also,” the former Legislator announced.

Mr. Maduro was also critical of Premier, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith: “Thus far the attitude of the Premier and his Party shows stubbornness, dictatorship and disregard towards the people whom he serves. seemingly to him instead of him being the servant to whom he serves. He has become the master and the people his servants, or slaves.”