Long-awaited Completion of Vg Olympic Pool Baffles Pep Treasurer


Treasurer of the People’s Empowerment Party (PEP), Lorie Rymer is critical of the fact that the recreational swimming pool that was being constructed on Virgin Gorda is yet to be completed.

Speaking on a radio programme that was aired on 27 October Mr. Rymer said that the pool would be a welcomed addition to the community, however, he noted that the completion date is not set.

“We have a swimming pool in Virgin Gorda that has been made to olympic specifications. It is 25 meters long, ten feet deep at the deep end, ten lanes. It is 80 percent complete, and the supporting building with the washroom and the shower stalls is also 80 percent complete; yet it has been languishing for all these years.”

Mr. Rymer opined that the delay can be interpreted as there is a lack of care about the project: “They seem not to really care, although of course it is the Virgin Gorda Trust that really built these facility. Government has put in zero dollars so far. We need to get up and do things. Can you imagine how many businesses will be helped in Virgin Gorda, a place where the economy is very soft, where hotels closed, almost all hotels close on Virgin Gorda for the off season,” he stated.

The PEP Treasurer was critical of the stalling of the pool project to this date and said the project is another example of things that lip service is given to.  In illustrating how beneficial the pool would be to the community, Mr. Rymer said:  “We can bring in 300 people in Virgin Gorda to boost revenue if we have such a facility.”

The swimming pool which is being financed by the Virgin Gorda Charitable Company Limited (VGCCL) is situated on crown land provided by the Government; on completion it will the be first Olympic-sized swimming pool in the Territory, with complementary features such as a toddler pool, dive platform, basketball/volleyball court, covered bleachers, changing rooms and resource centre.

The proposed development is intended to benefit young people, including the students of the Bregado Flax Educational Centre Primary and Secondary Divisions, as well as the wider community.

The VGCCL began constructing the sports and recreational facility as a donation to the Virgin Gorda community. Upon completion, title to the facility will be gifted to the Government of the BVI. The Ministry of Education and Culture will assume full responsibility for its operational management.

It is anticipated that this pool will be used to start a competitive swimming program in the British Virgin Islands, as well as inter-Caribbean youth competition.  The pool will also be utilised by the community of Virgin Gorda for recreational swimming and Water Safety Training.

Adjacent to the primary pool, there will be a smaller pool designed for handicap access and instruction for younger children.  The facility will also have locker rooms, a grand stand and a state of the art timing system and scoreboard