Local Artistes To Get Advice From Entertainment Biz Professionals


Mr. Mead Malone Managing, Director of MWM Global Holdings; and Mrs. Lorna Smith both announced that more needs to be done to shine a spotlight on talent in the Territory.

Mr. Malone announced that his company is going to assist in the highlighting of talent in the BVI by facilitating networking opportunities for entertainers. “We are going to try and bring some individuals who are in the management side of things to really give people some information, and advice in terms of how they take that particular section forward,” he announced.

Meanwhile the MWM Managing Director advised entertainers to utilize various means such as Youtube and competitions to get their talent seen: “The opportunity is to get involved with competitions…we have the young lady who won the voice competition Melanie Amaro. It’s a good example of talent.”

“Sometimes I listen to BV Islanders sing and I’m like wow, we are a small community but we have tremendous talent here,” Mr. Malone said. He also stated that all the artistes need is a platform to stand on that will provide them with an opportunity to hone their talent.

“Hopefully these people like Curt Richardson (Founder of Otterbox) and Sir Richard Branson can identify through their influence platforms that our people can stand on and really be successful,” Mr. Malone added.

Mrs. Lorna Smith agreed that more ought to be done to help talented persons and she suggested that artistes seek help from persons trained in the industry that are here in the Territory.

“A number of our own people have studied the entertainment business, people like Kamau Georges…These people have studied the business and our young entertainment stars need to do more in terms of networking with these people,” She said.

Mrs. Smith also suggested that Mr. Malone include entertainers in his entrepreneurial venture. “I agree with everyone that the BVI has the best talent globally, and there must be an opportunity beyond Youtube for them to hone their talent and become regional and international stars.”

“In fact sometimes I think we probably need to even go further into the region, beyond the BVI, I know we tend to look towards the United States Virgin Islands and to the United States itself but we should also look at the region — Trinidad and its great Soca and Jamaica’s reggae, we need to also include the region,” Mrs. Smith added.