Little Dix Bay Resort To Open For The New Tourist Season


Premier and Minister for Finance, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith mentioned that the works to renovate Little Dix Bay Resort are proceeding well, and that the facility will be reopened as planned by year end.

Little Dix Bay closed its doors last year April to commence major upgrades, and in the process left a number of Virgin Gorda residents jobless.

However, in an update on the project during his midterm report that was delivered on 10 July via simulcast Hon. Smith announced that the renovation was proceeding well: “We are also optimistic about 2017 with the reopening of Little Dix Bay which is on track to open at the end of December.”

Earlier this year while speaking to the media during a press conference on 8 March, Premier Smith explained that he was updated on the renovation and  was optimistic about the reopening: “Little Dix closed because they wanted to renovate the hotel to bring it up to highest standards, and that work is going on,” Hon. Smith told reporters.