Litter Wardens Threatened By Uncivilized People


The unfortunate manner in which the first cohort of Litter Wardens were treated was mentioned by Minister for Education and Culture, Hon. Myron Walwyn as he spoke of the need for keeping the BVI clean.

Minister Walwyn while speaking in the House of Assembly on 24 March announced that persons litter and then retaliate when they are cited for their actions.  The Minister announced: “You’re driving and you have your garbage on the top of your vehicle and it spills and you won’t stop to pick it up, because it shouldn’t be on the top of your vehicle unsecured in any case.”

In mentioning the situation involving the Litter Wardens Hon. Walwyn said: “You had the situation where we had the Litter Wardens, and they were threatened and some of them ran for their lives. You had problems getting people to be Litter Wardens to make sure the place was properly taken care of.”

In January the Government Information Service announced that 56 Litter Wardens were issued identification cards and began their duties as the initiative re-commenced following a hiatus.

The disruption of the previous Litter Warden program was reportedly caused by residents who threatened the Wardens in the execution of their duties. The disclosure of the manner the Wardens were treated was made in the House of Assembly on by At Large Representative Hon. Archibald Christian in 2012.

In March 2012 the At Large Representative told the House of Assembly that Wardens who approached persons about their untidy environs and properties  were threatened.

Later in November that year, Hon. Christian announced that the Department of Waste Management (DWM) was reviewing the Litter Warden program with the intention of resuming the initiative.

He added that the negative factors did not dissuade persons from expressing an interest in becoming  Litter Wardens.