Litter Contributed Heavily To Flooding


The Rotary family of the BVI announced that littering contributed to the 7-8 August flooding situation that devastated families and left the Territory extremely muddy. As a preventative effort the non-governmental organization (NGO) announced that it will be spearheading an anti-litter campaign.

The litter situation was mentioned by President of Rotary Club Sunrise Monique Peters on Friday 11 August during at a press conference announcing the clean-up campaign Rotary was hosting. She said that the deluge caused by the incessant rain was unable to run off because of litter.

“It (litter) clogged our ghuts and made it impossible for there to be free flowing water out of people’s homes and out of people’s businesses,” the Sunrise Club President stated.

President of the Rotary Club of Tortola Karia Christopher in mentioning the NGO cleanup efforts, agreed that littering substantially contributed to the flooding: “Yes it is a natural disaster, but we have seen the destruction caused primarily by the flooding and I don’t believe that there is anyone who can argue that the flooding was made worse because of the debris and persons not really adhering to the laws of the Virgin Islands in terms of littering.”

In announcing the awareness plans she declared: “We will start a campaign on educating the public about the importance of safe keeping your big trash and the importance of taking pride in where they live.”