Liquor Licence Red-Tape Is Being Looked Into


For some time now bars, and some alcohol vending enterprises have complained about what they felt was at times a frustrating process to get a liquor licence. Some even suggested that it is easier to get a temporary licence. The complaints have reached the ears of Premier Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith who informed the media on 8 July that the situation is being looked into.

Hon. Smith told reporters that he has heard the concerns some bar and restaurants have in reference to the liquor licence issuance and he promised that the matter is being dealt with: “I have heard of the concern and I must tell you that the concerns are being  responded to. There is a committee in place right now, who are looking at this area; and will come up with recommendations very soon on the way forward in this particular circumstance,” the BVI Leader said.

As it relates to the complaints that some premises have lost their night club licence, Premier Smith said: “I am not sure about licences being taken away. I think when you apply for a liquor licences there are certain conditions that must be met. In fact there is a hearing before the Magistrate who would determine whether you get the licence or not.”

“Some people may have been operating while they are waiting for such a licence, in which case they are the ones who I think would have been affected; and asked to close,” the Premier added.