Lindsay shatters Trident Trust 5K record in series opener

The Trident Trust 5K Series kicked off Saturday with 81 participants at the A.O.Shirley Grounds

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Katrina “Kat” Lindsay picked up where she left off last year, by shattering her own Trident Trust 5K Series course record on Saturday, in the first race run under the new sponsors’ banner, which kicked off with 81 participants.

Lindsay, who has claimed every record of the series that has tour stops around Tortola in 2021, chopped 31 seconds off last year’s mark of 20 minutes 01.1 seconds, lowering it to 19:31.6.

“I didn’t know actually,” Lindsay, 6th overall said when told she improved her mark. “I thought I would try and run a faster time than last year, but I couldn’t remember what the time was because last year, I started getting into the 19s, so I’m happy with that, yeah.”

Lindsay said she felt good until going through Lower Estate, where there was a ‘slow steady climb’ on the 4K going up.

“I had a couple guys ahead and I tried to stick with them and then we just cruised down Huntums Ghut to the finish, so I tried to hold a decent pace because I thought I was on for a decent time,” she said. “I’ve had a steady build up since Christmas and feeling pretty good, so hopefully, some faster times to come.”

Jermaine “JJ” Ricketts was the overall winner in 18:19.7, a time he hoped would have been faster. “The plan was to be the best and win. It was good from the start up to the half and then in the last quarter, I started feeling some stitches in the end,” he reflected. “But I was okay. I just need to keep a steady pace going. Training has been a little different—early mornings, late nights—as much as I can to keep fit and ready for the races.”

Julius Farley, second in 18:52.1, said it seems like he can’t adjust. “Don’t mind how many times you run the course, it just seems to get tougher and tougher, but it was a good race,” he said. “I think JJ was taking revenge for the Half Marathon (which Farley won), the way he started out this morning. I tried to keep him in sight, saw him slow down a bit about two and a half miles from the finish, but I still couldn’t catch him. Those young legs. I wish I was his age again man. I was aiming for a better time—maybe go under 18—but I’m satisfied with the time.”

U20 National Team Footballer Guillaume Parkins, was 16th overall in 22:56.7 and closely followed by teammate, Sheldon Harry in 17th with a time of 23:00.8.

“It was a good run but the 5K is a little bit longer than I thought it would be, but it’s good to do something like this, come out early and you feel fresh after something like that, I can’t wait to do more,” Parkins said. “In football you’re chasing a ball and not constantly running, just waiting for the finish line.”

Harry said the pace was fast and he was trying to keep up with the front runners. As they got close, they started separating. “I think this is crucial to my fitness because in a game of football, it’s more about technical ability, it’s more about who could outrun each other and who could stay in the field the longest. I really believe this is propelling my game to make me better in the future.”

Jalen Prentice, another teammate, said he had ‘never run a 5K before.’ “It was tiring because when you stopped, you can’t just pick back up, so you have to keep going,” he said. “I think this will help to improve my fitness.”

Football fitness Coach Javon Carty noted some of the players went out hard trying to keep pace with the top runners. “It was a good overall run for them—good strength and conditioning—in the early stage of their preparations,” he said. “We have some pictures to show the guys (who didn’t show) and hopefully, they will be out next time—all of them.”

Road Racing Director Kay Reddy, said it was a great race as 100 persons registered and 81 participated. “It was really fast at the front, Katrina Lindsay, she didn’t just break the course record, she smashed it,” Reddy noted. “She took 30 seconds off her own record, down to 19:30. We have some new runners at the front pushing the pace so it was a really good race today.”

Reddy said it was good to see the U20 footballers who she said were at the front, in the middle and pushing each other. “They were pushing the runners, so it was great to see some camaraderie there,” she said.   

Top 10. Results. Women: 1. Katrina “Kat” Lindsay,  19:31.6. (New Record. Old Record, Lindsay, 20:01, 2021.) 2. Juliane Potgieter, 23:30.6.        3. Xyrine Rose Tria, 24:05.3. 4. Rosmond Johnson, 25:40.2. 5. Kay Reddy, 26:47.8. 6. Tuneisha Johnson, 27:01.5. 7. Rhiannon Jones, 28:32.4. 8. Samantha Hollingworth, 28:38.7. 9. Karrina Stead, 28:42.8. 10. Darwn Peters, 29:08.2. Men: 1. Jermaine “JJ” Ricketts, 8:19.7. 2. Julius Farley, 18:52.1 3. Maxton Milner, 19:02.1. 4. Derek Rawlings, 19:08.1. 5. Rowan Victor, 19:13.1. 6. Jermaine Bryan, 20:05.0. 7. Joash Victor, 20:16.9. 8. Mark Stephenson, 20:20.3. 9. Sergio Dantas, 21:30.1. 10. James Ramprashad, 21:48.1.