Limit Work Permits: Hon. Maduro-Caines Says


It is graduation season and Sixth District Representative, Hon. Alvera Maduro-Caines is concerned that enough is not being done to ensure that employment is available for recently graduated Virgin Islanders.

One of the suggestions made by Hon. Maduro-Caines to ensure that there are adequate jobs available for recently qualified Virgin Islanders is the limiting of work permits.

In making her point the Sixth District Representative said: “Some 100-plus children will be graduating from HLSCC (H Lavity Stoutt Community College) this year. We have another set that’s going to be graduating from the High School, and another set returning home from college [abroad]. I still question, what plans do we have for these children in terms of work? I think we have to take a serious look at how work permits are being issued in this country.”

While suggesting that work permit issuance be decreased, the Legislator told her colleagues: “The Premier of The Bahamas recently said in a statement, as long as there is a Bahamian that can do the work in his country, there would be no work permit issued. We have to seriously look at this.”

“We cannot afford to be sending our children away to school coming back with these Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees, and sit for years without getting a job. So, we have to, as a government, fix this…We have to fix this because a lot of children will be coming home. Not every child that goes away wants to stay away. But some feel they have no choice but to stay, because they come home and they can’t get a job. So I am hoping that this will get sorted out in the near future,” she added.