Lime To Introduce Fiber Optics


Fiber optics offer unlimited bandwidth and this is the reason why it is the preferred choice in the telecommunications industry.On Monday, LIME (formerly Cable and Wireless) the Territory’s first telecommunications company announced plans to debut fiber optic technology in the BVI.

The announcement was made by Managing Director of LIME BVI, Mr. Sean Auguste at a media luncheon. While Mr. Auguste did not divulge much information on the company’s fiber optic plans, he did emphasize that the move was materializing.

Auguste said: “The future for LIME is filled with many firsts, like we were the first in 4G, like we were the first to create payment plans for our customers to get the latest handsets in the market, like we were the first to use local imagery in the majority in our ads, like we were the first to offer our customers savings when they bundle services, like we were the first telephone company in the entire region,  we hope to be the first in fiber soon and we hope you will continue to be a part of it.”

LIME is a pan-Caribbean company that has been making the switch to fiber in many of its other branches, including Jamaica, Cayman, Barbados and Montserrat so naturally the announcement that fiber optics will be here is in line with the company’s ambitions.

With a new fiber optics network the company will boost its signal strength, be able to meet the needs of more customers, and offer faster internet. In fact technology experts say that fiber optics is the communication future.