Lime Criticised For Road Diggings & Weekend Internet Problems


Telecommunications giant, LIME was criticized for its constant digging of public roads for its infrastructural upgrades. The complaint was made by a resident on JTV’s Speak Your Mind program on October 11. The caller who accepted that the infrastructural upgrade was welcomed stated that the company should at least attempt to repair the damages which is inconveniencing motorist.

The caller in outlining his unhappiness with LIME said: “A few months ago LIME dug up a trench in Soldier Hill all the way to Mayors all the way to Chalwell. They haven’t even repaired the road properly it is in a very ragged condition still. The trenches are not topped off with concrete in some area so every time it rains it washes silt and dirt down the road. Some roads have been filled partially with concrete as if they are coming back to fill it with asphalt, and they left it like that.”

“The next thing I know I am seeing them working in Sea Cows Bay down on Pleasant Valley in the Nanny Cay area as if they have no intention of coming back to fully repair the road. It is a very vexing situation to have to drive the road everyday; and now I see them spring the road going from Chalwell to Sea Cows Bay as if they are going to dig up that road again, when they already dug it up to bury cable recently. Someone in our Ministry of Communications and Works needs to clamp down on not only LIME, but all these utility companies to prevent them from doing this to our roads without any consequence.”

Host of the program Courtney DeCastro agreed that the situation is indeed a vexing one, but he also explained that the upgrades will be beneficial: “What I know so far is that there is a new line that is supposed to come into the Territory through Brewers Bay, and come all the way to Chalwell, all the way down to Palestina.”

However, the talk show host opined that the matter stems from public relations shortcomings. He explained that perhaps motorists and residents would have been more tolerant if they were aware of what was happening, had a schedule of the works, and knew that the roads would eventually be repaired.

“For some reason it hasn’t been advertised what is being done, we haven’t heard any public relations message about it from the company; and I think that is not in good cooperative style. I think usually when you have a major project like that, and it is supposed to give us such a better advantage I heard, but the selling point about it would be to announce to the motoring public what you are doing. What it is costing and how inconvenience it would have for a while. That is good public relations, and we haven’t heard anything like that from the company. I agree with you and I am also affected because I drive those area,” De Castro stated. In non-related reports: residents are displeased about Lime messages bombarding their cell-phones every day of the week, with peaks on Fridays. Internet users are also vexed about the interruptions of email delivery (incoming and outgoing) experienced very often over the weekends. “When you call internet assistance you are grilled with procedures and suggestions when it’s evident that it is not the internet user having a problem,” one Road Town resident told this newspaper.