An explanation as to why LIME’s customer service operators are based in another country was sought from CEO of LIME Phil Bentley during his visit to the Territory last week. At a press conference Mr. Bentley was asked if his company would consider having a call center here in the Territory to address customer concerns, and he announced that this was unlikely.

In explaining why the center would not be possible, the CEO said: “I understand the difference between the islands, the accents and the culture, I understand that and we are sensitive to that but the fact is that if we had a call centre on every island it would be hugely inefficient — there is an optimum size for call centers for training, for retention for giving persons the opportunity to develop, and it just doesn’t make sense to have a call centre on every island, it just doesn’t.”

He however, noted that LIME has a system called net promoter scores, which is used to assess the network and address customer recommendations. In explaining how this system works he said: “We have looked at the quality of our service, what we measure are net promoter scores so you score on a scale of zero to ten, and we ask customers… would you recommend this product to your friends and family and nine out of ten is a promoter and zero is a detractor; seven and eight are discarded— you take away the detractors from the promoters and you get a network score. It is very accurate.”

This system has been working well in the BVI, Mr. Bentley said; and he noted that there has even been some positive increases in the scores: “What I can tell you is that the Net Promoter score in the BVI in April to June has gone up quite significantly; and we would want to continue increasing our net promoter score.”

It was also mentioned that LIME has worked through the customer service recommendations and to date they are improving: “Can we do more? Well there is always somebody who feels like that of course, but step by step systematically I am telling you we are improving customer service,” he added.