Lettsome ends 21-years of futility by upsetting Defending Champs Flemming

Lettsome House's Jonta Charles wins the U17 Boys 100m

Lettsome House’s Jonta Charles wins the U17 Boys 100m

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Lettsome pulled off one of the biggest upsets in inter house sports day history to end a 21-year drought by over coming a 23 points deficit to Flemming after day one, to become victors of the 2014 Elmore Stoutt High School Inter House Championships by a 44 points margin.

From using double sprint champion Nelda Huggins in the 800m to raking in contributions from everyone else, Lettsome—who was in a see saw battle with Flemming and trailed by two, 696-694 with the Long Jump and 4x200m relays left—scored big in the Long Jump then won the bulk of the relays to amass 795 points for their first victory since 1993. It was Lettsome’s sixth title overall. Flemning finished second with 711. Carlisle who won the title in 2012 and was in contention last year, garnered 654 while O’Neal finished with 581.

Lettsome ended the second longest drought in school history behind Carlisle who overcame 24 years of futility in 2012.

“This feels good. I don’t even know how to explain how this feels, to be on this winning house,” Nelda Huggins said after running an outstanding second leg on the 4x200m relay that put her team ahead. “I didn’t plan to run the 800m but, I had to give the house some points because we wanted to beat Flemming this year.”

Lettsome House master Renee Weston-Joseph teamed up with Sonya Penn for the wining combination. “This is amazing, its over what 20 years?” beamed Weston-Joseph. “I’m so proud of our athletes who came out and gave it their all.” Down 23 points after Day I, Weston-Joseph said she told her team if they repeat their performances they could be champions.

“I didn’t know any of these kids before last month but they came out and performed. I had a good team. Sonya Penn has been here and I must say, even though Bianca (Dougan-Charles) is in Flemming, she gave me tips,” Weston-Joseph noted. “We have so many people who were in Lettsome House, our alumni, they supported us very well. People like Chappy (Glenford Maduro), Steve Augustine and Hon. Marlon Penn. They all supported us. This victory was a total team effort.”


Division Champions: U13 Girls, Claury Scattlife, Lettsome, 36. Boys: Koen Penn, O’Neal, 30. U15 Girls: Akada Charles, Flemming, 37. Boys: Jelani Norman, Carlisle, 48. U17 Girls: Kala Penn, O’Neal, 46. Boys: Charles Johnta, Lettsome, 36. U20 Girls: Ashley Penn, Flemming, 44. Boys: Akeem Bradshaw, Carlisle, 50.


Victrix Ludorum: Kala Penn, 46. O’Neal. Victor Ludorum: Akeem Bradshaw, Carlise, 50.