Legs walk over Genesis who planned to ‘fry Legs,’ 60-42

Legs overpowered Genesis in games 2 & 3 to claim the 40+ Basketball League title

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Legs used a 58-38 Friday night victory over Genesis to even the series, quelling Genesis’ prediction that they would “fry them” and Jason Edwin led the way with 22 points and four assists on Sunday in a 60-42 triumph, to claim the 40+ Basketball League title.

Kennedy Bass added 11 points, eight rebounds, three assists and three steals. Jason Cameron had eight points, four rebounds and three steals. Genesis got 13 points from Royan George and 10 from Jony Asido. Calvin Smith finished with seven points and four rebounds.

“Carnel (Cline) had his part to play and this is what he got,” Edwin said, referring to Cline who after winning the opening game 59-53, said Genesis would ‘fry Legs on Friday night.’ “For all the youngsters, never talk before the job is done. Always play the game and let your performance speak for itself.”

Steve Parillon added: “Always know we like our legs well done,” he said to Cline. “So don’t talk before the chicken fries properly.”

After congratulating Legs, Cline said his team ‘broke down.’ “I thought we had it in the bag from the first quarter, then we just broke down in the third, but we’ll be back later this year, that ain’t the end of us. On Friday, we had a lot of turnovers and when I checked the stats on assists, we had no assists at all. We lost (on) rebounds and we didn’t score like we normally would. But we had a good year. We just weren’t able to secure the goal.”

The tournament, he said, works out well for guys over 40 who want to keep their health up to date and reduces the number of guys going to the doctor.

Coach Ronnie “Gola” Norman said he heard Cline’s ‘fry Legs’ message, got vexed and told them he’s coming to coach because he didn’t want to hear Cline anymore and wanted to win.

“We’re the team who would give out the chat and there’s a man who can’t really play the game that well giving chat,” Norman noted. “It hurt us a lot and it motivated us to win. Tonight, it was more or less the same thing (as Friday), pass the ball inside, take away the two Filipinos points and they couldn’t win, because without their points, they can’t win. In the first game, they had between 30 and 40 points together. One might score but not the two. Once one score, they can’t win.”

Parillon said the league needed to merge with the Basketball Federation because organizer Karl “Dub” Scatliffe needs help in making the Tropical Basketball Association stronger. “But leagues like these are very good,” he noted. “If Mr. Scatliffe could get it to a level where one of our 40+ teams can go away and compete, I think it will be good for basketball.”

Legs member and Transportation and Works Minister Kye Rymer, praised the league. “This is good for the older gentlemen to keep active, to still compete, have a good time,” he said “I think we need more of this, I like this.”Rymer noted many people didn’t know of the league and suggested