Lee Road Rehabilitation $1.6million Contract Signed


The reported long-time sensed worry about visitors being injured while travelling the Lee Road in Virgin Gorda should now subside as government this week inked a $1.6-million-dollar contract to fix the road.

During the signing on Tuesday 13 September Ninth District Representative Dr. the Hon. Hubert O’Neal disclosed that for years residents of Virgin Gorda were fearful that a tourist would be injured at night while traversing the road that was described to be without sidewalks and proper lighting.

In disclosing the concern for safety Hon. O’Neal said: “It used to pain us as Virgin Gordians seeing visitors traverse the road going to restaurant because traversing that road at night was risky for visitors because there was no sidewalks and adequate lighting.”

Dr. O’Neal pointed out that Lee Road is a main artery in Virgin Gorda: “Most of the commercial activities on Virgin Gorda occur on the main strip and to see that this is going to happen, re-development is indeed pleasing to me and the people of Virgin Gorda,”

The District Representative also explained that he was happy that the project was commencing because it was one of the areas he campaigned on during the election: “I am very excited about this…To see this day come to fruition where we are finally starting this project, where we are going to redevelop the Lee Road in The Valley of Virgin Gorda, it’s indeed a triumph for me because if you know anything about Virgin Gorda, the Lee Road is actually the busiest road,” Hon. O’Neal said.

The Representative further added that he is most happy to see that the work is extensive and is not just cosmetic resurfacing.

The contract to fix the road was signed between Government and the owner of Creative Builders Ltd., Mr. Anselmo Stevens. Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool explained that the project falls under the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) $15.6M loan project.

“As many of you would know, Lee Road is that stretch of road in The Valley that takes you from the junction at Little Road near the gas station, over to the Town Bay Well. However, the stretch of road that will be rehabilitated during this project goes from the junction to the Catholic Community Centre,” the Minister said.

Hon. Vanterpool admitted that the state of the road was for a long time a matter of concern for the residents of Virgin Gorda especially since the area is prone to flooding when it rains.

The contractor Mr. Stevens announced that he was happy that Government chose his company to execute the project. “We are here as a builder-contractor to give the finest work with minimal delays. Happy to have it signed, it’s been a long time coming,” he said.