Leakage Of Advance Polling “Disgraceful”: Henry Creque


Mr. Henry Creque, who contested the 25 February general elections under the banner of the National Democratic Party (NDP) has decried the report from the Elections Observer Mission (EOM) that there was a leakage of advance polling results.

Advance polling day was 21 February and some 1,120 persons voted. However, shortly after reports of results from the early voting began circulating via social media and the results were dismissed by officials as guess.

However, according to the Elections Observer Mission the results were later verified and it was concluded that there was indeed a leak and as a result the Officer of the Supervisor of Elections was conducting an investigation to determine where the leak came from.

During their exit press conference on 27 February the EOM told reporters: “One published report reflected a district result. As such, the integrity of the electoral process has been undermined…If originating from agents and/or candidates, this demonstrates a breaking of their oath as set out in the election law and Form 32.”

In response to questions about the EOM report Creque criticized the report of the leak. He said: “On the issue of the leak…that was deeply disappointing. If it is indeed found that that’s what happened…and the finding was that it is likely that most of the results from the early voting were leaked from at least one District; if that happened in this BVI, that is disgraceful; and I hope that whoever was the source of that leak is found and prosecuted accordingly.”