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Lawrence shoots personal best in virtual Archery challenge


Winette Lawrence prepared to shoot during the afternoon session of the Virtual Archery Series against Europeans and Americans, after a personal best score during the morning session 

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

A week ago, Winette Lawrence broke her Compound Bow stabilizer and recorded “the worst score of my life.” 

In the first of two attempts on Sunday, she recorded 662 points—a career best—in the virtual challenge against European and Americans in the competition held at HLSCC. 

“I got 662 this morning and 621 this afternoon,” she told Island Sun Sports. “It was cooler this morning. It was just me alone here, I had my music and it was quiet. After 552 last week, I borrowed Patrick (Smith) stabilizer. I’m satisfied with this morning’s score but not this afternoon. I have on a pair of black shoes and the sun was baking my toes.” 

Lawrence said mental awareness is important in Archery—hearing noise and you block it out— something they have to learn to do and concentrate on what they’re doing.

“Sometimes when I’m shooting, I usually try to sing some kind of a song, some type of oldies,” Lawrence said and was prompted to try. “You won’t like to hear. You’d cry. It’s that bad.”

She said she’ll compete in the next morning session at 8 a.m. With the 662 score, Lawrence was fifth in her group—her best showing.

How does she improve on that finish?

“Practice, work hard and pray much louder,” she said. 

In recurve, Javlyn Frett finished with 515 points and placed sixth after getting to the venue late. 

“I didn’t get to warmup, I didn’t get to stretch because of my tardiness so I just had to jump into it. My scores are in the range of where they should be but instead of getting my average or a personal best, I dropped a lot,” she explained. “My performance was okay but it was very, very hot. With Archery, you have to shoot in whatever weather is given. You can’t say no or you will skip an end, because in the end, it’s going to affect your average, scoring and placing.”

While she hasn’t been practicing as much as she should, Frett said she’s looking into getting a home target where she can practice short distance shooting, which will help her follow through, release, concentration and how her arrows will group.

“If you don’t train, you can’t see the results you’re looking for,” she said.

Recurve counterpart Michaela Potter finished with 486 points—four off last week’s 490—and was seventh overall. 

“It was okay for me. I didn’t get to do what I wanted but it still worked for me,” she said. “I’m not satisfied today. I actually want to get into the 500s but that didn’t work out. I definitely have to practice some more on my targets at home and find a way to get to 30m outside, so I’ll try and see.”

Potter said she loves Archery as it’s a way for her to destress shooting at the targets. She feels that she gets ‘relief with every arrow’ and is working on improving her focusing more, focusing on the target and focusing on where she’s supposed to aim as well as focusing on the bow and ensure it’s fixed whenever it has to be fixed.

“I don’t usually look at my phone to see where I’m ranking until afterwards, but for some reason today, I decided to keep looking at my phone throughout the competition,” she reflected. “I shouldn’t have done that.”