Lack Of Parking Space In Road Town Is a Big Headache


The Ministry of Communications and Works and the Office of the City Manager announced further plans to alleviate the parking situation in the Capital, Road Town.

On Thursday a beautification project was announced for Road Town and it was mentioned that initiatives are being taken to remedy traffic issues in areas such as Main Street. It was announced that part of the plan is to open and clear walkway entrances to that area while looking into ways to improve the flow of traffic for pedestrians and motorists.

General parking relief throughout Road Town is essential and it was disclosed that the Ministry for Communications and Works is exploring the concept of parking garages in strategic areas of Road Town to help relieve congestion in the City, especially on Main Street where businesses are struggling due to limited parking space for customers.

In November 2012, while speaking at a public meeting in the Fifth District, Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool announced that there were some short term plans in place to alleviate the parking problem in Road Town.

He agreed that the parking issue was a very serious one and said “it is affecting businesses, it is affecting pedestrians and it’s affecting residents who want to make a quick stop, do some shopping or visit a doctor and leave after half an hour or an hour.” Hon. Vanterpool opined that persons can be encouraged to park away from buildings if they were going to be working in town for eight hours and revealed that his Ministry would look at how the systems could be best improved.

“Paid parking will become the norm one of these days in Road Town,” Hon. Vanterpool said.