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Kelly, Green preparing for Olympic Games, FIFA World Cup qualifier

Sprinter Ashley Kelly, leads footballer Robby Green through a 90 seconds run

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Two athletes from two different sports whose paths wouldn’t have crossed at this time of the year, have come together to prepare for two of the world biggest sporting events—the delayed Tokyo Olympic Games 2021 and the CONCACAF qualifications for the FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022—because of COVID-19. 

For the last two weeks, quarter miler and Rio Olympic Games sprinter Ashley Kelly and football forward Robby Green, have joined forces as they go through the conditioning phase of their respective programs, especially with the restrictions of the 1 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew.

When Island Sun Sports visited the football field in Greenland, apart from a series of drills, they completed 5×90 seconds runs on the field. 

“Robby reached out to me and asked when I was going to start my off season training because he wanted to get some work in and I thought it was a perfect opportunity because being home, not really training with anyone, it’s a good motivation, a good training partner and I thought it would have been fun,” told Island Sun Sports. “So he set himself up for this kind of torture.”

Green said the training has been good and that he was looking forward to more of the training sessions. 

“It’s been tough actually,” he said “Last week it was six 90 seconds runs.”

Kelly said their bodies were acclimating during the second week.

“We definitely pushed ourselves a lot more than last week, because we were pacing ourselves,” she noted. “This week we went for it and I think I really showed with our energy levels and feelings. But it’s good to get it done and just feel like you’re getting better each week.”

The sessions Green said have been helping him get his endurance up which he needed coming back from a series of leg injuries.

“I’m getting my strength back up and learning new techniques, especially with the footwork in running and keeping the intensity for a long while, so it’s really good,” he said. 

Kelly is seeking to qualify for her second Olympic Games, following up on Rio 2016. The BVI’s 400m record holder, said it has been tough as COVID-19 has definitely thrown a wrench in her plans.

“But I think it’s also a blessing,” she said. “I’d really put in some work this year and was ready to go, so I’m really just building on that. One of the things about being home is that I missed the environment of going after goals, so with Robby, we both have a goal to attain and we push each other that way and it’s really good. I’m just focusing on what I can control. I just come out here each day and I give it my all and just be ready when they open the gates.”

Green said he’s heading back to the UK in January, rejoining his club and getting ready to join the BVI team as they prepare to compete in the CONCACAF preliminary rounds of the FIFA World Cup, Qatar 2022.

“That’s the goal right there and make sure I work hard enough to attain my personal goals and to help the team qualify for the World Cup,” he said.