Just Dream Sweeps Raw Power To Reclaim The Bvi Volleyball Title

After losing to Gunz last year, Just Dream won their third title since 2013

After losing to Gunz last year, Just Dream won their third title since 2013

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

After Raw Power and Just Dream swept each other during the BVI Volleyball Association regular season, Just Dream’s Willis Potter told Raw Power they’d be swept yet again during Saturday’s championships game at the Multipurpose Sports Complex.

“We were in here practicing on Wednesday night and there was a lot of trash talking. And I said, ‘listen, you all getting three straight,’” Potter said following their 25-12, 25-19 and 25-16 triumph over Raw Power, where he earned the best server, best setter and the MVP award. “I delivered on my promise. Three straight.”

He said Raw Power played well and it was a very good season for them and to get to the championship game.

“But, they got a little beside themselves,” he noted. “Because there’s only one champion here and that is Just Dream,” he added of his squad that won the title in 2013 and 2014 before losing to Gunz last year. “No Gunz. Gone are Terminators. Now, it’s just one champion. Just Dream all the time.”

Ai-Qumin Nibbs said some of his Raw Power players arrived late and they didn’t get a proper chance to warmup.

“That was essential to how we were playing and it showed,” Nibbs stated. “By the time we were actually getting our footing, it was too far gone inside the game. Just Dream, they came with their game tonight and it showed. It made the difference.”

Raw Power advanced to the title game following a five set thriller over defending champions Gunz and Nibbs said they had Frandi Martin in that game but he was unavailable on Saturday.

“He’s one of the more seasoned players and we had to adjust the lineup to accommodate that because he made some essential calls when he’s on the court,” Nibbs explained. “Because we didn’t have that, that kind of worked against us for this game tonight.”

In women’s play, the unbeaten Virgin Gorda Eagles completed their inaugural season in Division B by sweeping Vixens in three sets, 25-22, 25-15 and 25-14. They swept all opponents en route to the title. Early in the season captain Yvette Harley said their aim was the carry the title to Virgin Gorda.

“We had the confidence, worked hard in practice and when we came out, we came out to dominate,” pointed out MVP Harley, adding that sweeping opponents was special. “It felt so good doing that. When we came to play, as we were winning all our games, our mind was set because we didn’t want to lose a game, so we came and and did what we had to do.”

They will move up to Division A next season and Harley said they’ll have to do a lot more as their aim will also be to win the title.

“It will take a lot of practice, working together and listening to the coach,” she pointed out.    “Teams in the A Division are good teams and I’ve played with them before so we’ll have to work and play hard.”

Phoenix Red and Seventeen will meet for the Division A title on the weekend.