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Jones siblings repeat as Josiah’s Bay Surf Cup champions

Tiara Jones, left and he brother Teshawn Jones, riding the waves to repeat titles

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Tiara Jones and her brother Teshawan Jones, repeated as Josiah’s Bay Surf Cup champions, while Alex “Woo” Dick-Read snatched the legends crown during the 4th edition of the event that attracted 55 participants on Boxing Day.

“It was fun. It was good. I’m happy,” Jones told Island Sun Sports. “I don’t’ go out there thinking whether I’m gonna win or not. I go out there just trying to get a wave, ride it out and do my best.”

Jones said she was surprised with her repeat victory. “You never really know. It’s a change. You could go out and you could be really good and you don’t get the waves,” she explained. “I was happy with the waves that I got, so I was pretty stoked with that.”

In joining his sister as a repeat champion, Teshawn said last time he did think that he did that well but still won. “This year was a lot more fun, the waves were like 10 times better and it was more like having competitive fun stuff,” he said. “There were a lot of good surfers. I’ve known a lot of them for a long time. I’ve seen where they’ve come from and everyone have just evolved from white water to where they are now, so it’s pretty cool to see that.”

Dick-Read said while the competition was difficult, there were plenty of waves. “It’s a dying swell from the last three weeks of crazy waves, it’s long gaps, the sets come again so it’s difficult to line up knowing where to sit and what board to use,” he explained. “The board I was using was a really short one, designed like a longboard so I could paddle fast and I think it worked. It was good fun. It was good for everybody today. It’s perfect. The small kids. Us old guys. It’s ideal.”

Event organizer and BVI Surf School instructor Steven Howes, said he thought the event went very well and they had a good turnout. “A lot of people stayed even though it was torrential rain, I don’t know where that came from, but we hung in there and we’ve had the best waves we’ve had in the last couple of weeks,” he said. “So, it went really well. There was a lot of good surfing today. Teshawn Jones stepped up to the plate and won the Groms. His sister (Tiara Jones) did really well; she won the women’s and there were just a lot of people having fun out there.”

Results.  Super Groms: (Boys). 1. Bodi Hodges. 2. Tommy Bovio. 3. Davy Cavon.  Groms: 1. Teshawn Jones. 2. (tie) Rush Broderick and Oli Henderson. Men’s: 1. Mat Gabel. 2. Graham Harney. 3. Marcus Robinson. Legends (40+): 1. Alex “Woo” Dick-Reid. 2. (tie) Steven Howes and  Danny McGarigal. 4. James Beecroft. Super legends(55+): 1. Ben Banford. 2. Jonny Old. 3. Tom Merrigan. Girl Groms: 1. Somers Kellogg. 2. Haven Meyers. 3. Isla Meyers. Women: 1. Tiara Jones.  2. Chelsea Stephen. 3. Liz Day.