Jet-Set Visitors to get VIP Treatment


IAM Jet Centres, a company that has been bringing luxury service to the Caribbean aviation industry for the last 25 years opened its new boutique FOB at the Terrance B Lettsome International airport on May 29.

The new centre, which is said to be smaller than some of the other IAM Jet facilities comprises of house Customs and Immigration, elegant lounge and meeting spaces, customer service staff and security screening capability.

Group Managing Director Mr. Paul A. Worrel in explaining the design concept of the new facility stated that in consideration of space, the team used the model of a private jet as the layout inspiration.

He told reporters that the BVI Centre has a staff of six who will be tasked with taking calls and making arrangements for discerning tourists who plan to visit the Territory. He explained that all of the visitors will be expected to adhere to the usual security, customs and immigration screenings; with the only exemption being the atmosphere in which this is done.

Mr. Worrel went on to say that the airport is the start of the visitors stay in the Territory and that IAM Jet is merely ensuring that when these visitors leave their jets they enter into another impressive area, and he noted that there will be special transport for such visitors from the jets: “It’s only correct that they (tourists) should have an equally remarkable experience when they come into the airport that’s pretty much what this is about…All we are doing is bringing an internationally recognized new standard of operation for business aviation to Tortola and the BVI. We are rather unique,” he added.

Also present at the opening was Premier, Dr. the Hon. D. Orlando Smith, Acting Chief Immigration Officer, Mr. Guy Hill, co-owner of IAM Jet Mrs Heather P. Wilshire, Group Manager for Operations Ms Donna Goddard and Mr Thomas Harper of the Business Development Unit, representatives from the BVI Tourist Board and BVI Airports Authority staff.

The company has facilities in Barbados, Montego Bay, Jamaica and Grenada.