Islamic Society holds March for Peace


A number of persons in the community joined the BVI Islamic Society on their march for peace on 29 July. In an interview with the media at the Sunday Morning Well, the  assembly point, Hani Husein, a member of the Islamic Society told reporters that the march was a public sign of the Society’s denouncement of all forms of violence against humanity.

He said: “The significance of today’s march: it is a march for peace, march of solidarity for Gaza, the children of Gaza, the innocent civilians of Gaza that are dying every day…This march is a general walk for the cause of destruction there, the cause of loss of lives and for innocent people in the world and in Gaza.”

He said that the walk was not a religious one and not only about the Middle East issues, but also a condemnation of worldwide egregious acts: “Notice we have all of the supporters here today—local Muslims, Christians; this is not about religion today this is a walk for humanity. We are walking in unity, we are walking together in condemnation of loss of lives in any religion, of any race; in general towards children, women or men.

We just wish that our voices be heard, even though Tortola is a small place in the world. We wish our voices be loud enough to reach the world with this beautiful cause. I just want to show my full respect for everyone that is here today not only Arabs, not only Muslims, I am very proud of the Christians, I am very proud of the locals I am very proud of the Spanish community. I am very proud of everyone else that came and involved themselves – and put out this loud voice against any loss of life or harm towards any children, any women and any man that are innocent and deserve the right of freedom,” Husein said.

Husein who is of Palestinian origin explained that he did not wish to comment on the Israeli/ Palestinian battle, instead he said that he just wanted to concentrate on the call for peace: “In terms of the violence over there (Palestine) the actual cause of the conflict I would not be able to comment on that because our full intention today is the walk of peace and you know whether Jewish, Christian or Muslim everybody has a human right to live in a free country and in a danger free zone.”

When asked if he was disappointed that there was not a lot of support from the wider community, he said: “It is not like we are forcing anyone to come out, if you do have the time to be here today that’s beautiful. As for the politicians I am sure their hearts are with us and the rest of the people of the BVI I am sure their hearts are with us and if they couldn’t make it I feel much strength and love and I am sure that all those who couldn’t make it are still with us with their hearts and with their minds.”

At the end of the walk the BVI Islamic Society made presentations to the Rainbow Children’s Home and the Family Support Network.