Iron Fist Fends Off Iron Dog In Eight Round Slugfest

Julan "Iron Fist" Brown, left and Miguel "Iron Dog" Ray, battled over eight rounds

Julan “Iron Fist” Brown, left and Miguel “Iron Dog” Ray, battled over eight rounds

By Dean “The Sportsman” Greenaway

Julan “Iron Fist” Brown knocked Jamaica’s Miguel “Iron Dog” Ray to the canvas several times during Saturday’s Clash of the Irons II, which unlike the first encounter lasted three rounds, this one turned into an eight rounds slugfest at the Multipurpose Sports Complex, but every time he went down, the Iron Dog got up and kept fighting.

Ray who was on the canvas in five of the eight rounds, said he couldn’t just stop when Brown threw the hard punches at him. He said before leaving Jamaica, his son told him ‘get up daddy even if he gets you. He’s fast, I know he’s good and I read about him, but, he’s a champ before and the champ of BVI. Even if he does get you my dad, remember me and get up. Don’t stay down. Finish your eight rounds even if you don’t win, I’ll be proud for you to finish your eight rounds.’

“When he caught me and I was down, I could have really stayed down, but my son kept whispering in my ear, ‘get up get up,’” he said. “So I had to. I had a good corner. I lift my hat to him, but, I couldn’t just stop when he threw those hard punches at me.”

Brown, who was cut over his right eye by Ray and was examined by the ringside doctor didn’t plan for the fight to go the distance.

“I didn’t expect this fight to go eight rounds, I expected it to go one round,” Brown said. “I stopped him in the third round the last time and the referee felt sorry for him after he went down several times and stopped the fight, but he surprised me tonight. I expected him to go down and stay down, but the dude is tough—he’s really an Iron Dog. He caught me some good ones, but it’s the effective one that worked for me”

Ray who lost 68-79, 70-77 and 72-78, said he conditioned himself better this time around and was a little more focused.

“I had some good people in my corner giving me props on how to really approach him as a fighter. He’s really good. He’s fast and has some cheeky moves but I think I got some clean hard and cheeky punches on him that should have taken down a Lion,” Ray said. “But, the Dog still stood up and completed his eight rounds. It’s just to wait now for the next bout, whenever, whomever, wherever.”

Antigua and Barbuda had two, including Yakita Aska who narrowly missed qualifying for the summer Rio Olympic Games. Aska won his last outing here in August.

“Tonight was a little tougher, a stronger opponent, but I did what I had to do,” said Aska who took a decision over the BVI’s Andrew Lettsome Jr., in the super heavy weight division. “He gave me a little but of a run for the money. I love taking them out in the deep waters than finish him, but this one, he could swim. He’s a strong one and didn’t go that easy.”

It was Lettsome’s first fight after missing the August card. “This was a very good experience, both of us threw some powerful punches but I guess he landed the most,” he said. “I learn that I have to move a lot because I was a bit stiff.”

Antigua and Barbuda’s Karl Warner had a first round knock out over the BVI’s Camari Bowers. “Coming in, I knew he was young so I made the decision to let him get the experience and I was speaking to him,” Warner explained. “But, he started to get a little wild and crazy. I didn’t want to end it but in boxing, if you let someone to get wild and unorthodox, you will get hit with a lucky shot that you won’t be able to predict and that can be dangerous. I just gave him a sharp jab and he went down. However, it teaches him you cannot throw punches without having concern about what the other person is going to do.”

Bowers who came out aggressive said Warner is a professional. “I need a lot more training to get where he is today,” he stated.

The card opened with 12 year olds Omari Lee and Kavon Wheatley, with Lee getting the victory.

Niquan Todman bested Johan Marlinece in the second bout. Tevon Chalwell got a victory over Romario Morgan and Cecil Williams got a surprised victory over Kevin Chinnery.